Why no comments?

Summary: discussions are often too negative, and when they’re not, we still have better places for them.

Discussions on the Internet often are negative. Widespread Internet access gave some people confidence that they can do whatever they want, even have fun at the expense of others. It’s bitter when that kind of people are around, it’s pointless to talk to them, so I just cut communications off (though not completely—you can still read my entries, right?)

People misuse it. Though often useful (typo corrections, suggestions, new ideas etc.), feedback may degrade into helping forum (with screenful of command listings and more questions than answers), offtopic or some flame war, and that is definitely not what comments are for. Which brings me right to the next point.

We have beter places for discussions. Hacker News, Reddit, Google+, whatever—just use what you like. Come here to read the entry and then go spread the word. After all, search engines became an entry gates to Internet and it doesn’t matter anymore if you commented my article here or elsewhere—your feedback still can be found.

And that’s all to it.

P.S. If you want to discuss some post with me personally, check out About page for my e-mail.

Drop me a line! (wonder where’s the comments form?)