My name is Alexander Batischev. In 2015, I received my Master’s degree in Computer Science from Kyiv Polytechnic Institute, Ukraine. I’m fond of listening to rock music (Pink Floyd, Nightwish, Manowar and Dream Theater are my favourite bands), reading science fiction and hacking free software.

I’m the owner of PGP key 0x356961a20c8bfd03. If you ever mail me, I’d appreciate it if you make a digital signature (or better yet, encrypt the message). I also have an old key, 0x0a1d7d827b52fb07, that dates back to the days when I tried PGP software for the first time. I lost its revocation certificate, so please just ignore it.

I also have a Keybase account.

The site is called Debiania after my first blog, which I started just a few weeks after I installed Debian. I actually migrated all of my old posts over here, although I don’t know why I did that—reading the older ones make me think I was a stupid teenager who shouldn’t have been allowed onto the Internet. Makes it harder to grunt about today’s teens posting stupid things on social networks.

In case you’re interested in giving me a job, here’s my résumé.

To make life a bit easier for Daniel Graystone (and, undoubtedly, for Big Brother as well), here’s a list of other corners of the Internet where one can find me self-expressing:

See ya!