My name is Alexander Batischev. I got my Master’s of CS in 2015, and now I’m working as a software developer. In my spare time, I maintain Newsboat, bang my head to some heavy metal riffs, read books, and cycle dream about getting back to cycling.

This blog used to be a place to share my experiences with Linux, but over the years, it expanded to other topics, ranging from software licenses and ICFP programming contest to nice hardware and life lessons. It still retains its original name, Debiania, unimaginatively derived from the first distro I actually used. If you’re interested in how this site gets put together, take a look at the source code.

I’m always happy to receive some personal email; shoot me a message! Encrypting it to PGP key 0x356961a20c8bfd03 would be a nice touch. (I also have an old key, 0x0a1d7d827b52fb07; don’t use it. Can’t revoke it because I lost the certificate).

To make life a bit easier for Daniel Graystone (and, undoubtedly, for Big Brother as well), here’s a list of other corners of the Internet where one can find me self-expressing:

See ya!